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About The Farm

Ellenberger Oraginc Farm islocated along The Ridge Road just 10 minutes from Coe Hill.  The driveway is lined with cedars, apple trees, lilacs, and a collection of vintage farm equipment that would make any museum envious!

On arriving you will likely be greeted by Janet and Henry's farm dog, Barley. You will find Henry out in a nearby field with the horses prepping the land, making hay, or harvesting potatoes with a crew of helpers.  Janet will likely be planting or weeding, harvesting, canning and preserving, throwing hay or orchestrating and cooking for a crew of helpers.

Henry and Janet have been organic farmers for more than 20 years now!  They began by hobby farming in the Stirling area where Henry was working as a Farrier (blacksmith) and Janet was working at The Canadian Hearing Society, (where she still works part-time).  Organic farming was still a fringe movement no one had really even heard of, let alone understood. However the conventional farming methods just didn't feel right anymore, so they began to learn a better, more natural way to farm, despite the challenges and the many who told them it couldn't be done!

Not only are they are still at it, but they are still the only certified organic seed potato growers in Ontario.  The entire farm and all their products are certified organic, but their seed potatoes are actually double certified, which means theirs are held to the same standards as those using conventional (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc) farming methods.  

Everyday we are each given the opportunity to vote with our purchasing choices.  When you shop local and support small independent farms, you're helping a farmer build a legacy for future generations that will change the direction of our economy and food system.


Remember, organic isn't just the natural way to grow, it's the answer, the antidote, and the future!

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