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About The Farm

We feel it is important to share with our customers and community that Janet sadly passed away in April of 2023 after a brief battle with cancer.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and kindness at this time and over the past months.

Henry is slowly moving forward and figuring out what the future holds for his beloved farm.  Because of this loss, he has been forced to what he can keep doing and what must be let go of.  He has made a difficult decision and no longer offers farm gate sales, eggs, maple syrup, pork, or pick your own berries.

He will continue to sell organic beef and certified organic seed potatoes and will be selling seed for the 2024 growing season so if you’re wanting to order seed, please give him a give him a good old fashioned phone call to do so (613-337-8824).

Many thanks for your patience and continued support…and remember: organic is the natural way to grow.

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